Motor Fuels / Gasoline, Diesel, & Propane

One of Griffin Oil & Propane's strengths lies in our distribution of motor fuels. Our experience, flexibility, and infrastructure enables us to provide reliable, on demand fuel supply for any situation.


Gasoline: We offer all grades of Gasoline from Regular to Premium in both Reformulated to Conventional blends.


Diesel Fuel: Premium 15 ppm Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuels for On-Road and Off-Road applications.


Propane AutoGas: Power your fleet with Clean, Affordable and Convenient AutoGas. This alternative motor fuel is perfect way to Buy American, Save Money, and Drive Green!


Lubricants: Griffin Oil & Propane markets a full range of BP and Castrol motor oils, industrial fluids, greases, transmission fluids, and hydraulic fluids.




Our customers rely on us to keep them rolling! Partner with Griffin Oil & Propane to receive the products you need when you need them. Our fuel services enable you to control costs and inventory through just in time delivery and state of the art equipment.


On-Site Fuel Delivery: Fuel delivered direct to your door! Let Griffin Oil & Propane customize a schedule for all of your fuel needs including vehicles, equipment, and generators.


Site Tank Loans and Rentals: Need fuel, but don’t have the equipment? Let us handle your fuel equipment needs for any short term, long term, or permanent project.


Forklift Cylinders: Logistics, Warehousing, and Distribution rely on propane forklifts to keep their freight moving! Let us handle all of your inventory needs through one of our onsite refill or exchange programs.


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To raise cancer awareness throughout the region, our striking pink propane truck is estimated to travel 20,000 miles year around delivering propane throughout the City of Suffolk, Southampton, Isle of Wight, Sussex and Surry Counties. For every gallon of propane delivered to customers from our pink truck, a donation of $0.01 will be made to the American Cancer Society's Virginia Beach office. Contributions are estimated to be between $4,000 and $5,000 annually.